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Treva 70S

Yasi Treva 70S Heaving Sinking Lure is specially designed for Salt water light Game. The Treva 70S has an advanced performance with Twitch/Jerk action, thanks to the fin design on the back that gives stability on high retrieve & sharp drift action. In shallow water you can slow jerk it or slow retrieve it when targeting bottom fish or fast twitch/fast retrieve it if you’re targeting fast moving fish on surface or mid water. To achieve the highest performance, we highly recommend matching this lure with a Light Casting rod not exceeding 25G as max lure weight.

- Lure length: 7cm.
- Weight: 15g.
- Type : Heavy Sinking.
- Extreme Super Cast.
- Diving: 1.0 ~ 1.8 meter.
- Hooks: 2X strong VMC #6.
- High Wobbling Action.

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