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DuraFlex / دورا فلكس

Sufix Duraflex is an ultra-premium monofilament line with near-zero memory. With our exclusive Nx Nano Resin™ formula, we were able to achieve extra sensitivity in the line without giving up superior strength, handling and durability. This line has extremely easy-handling and is long casting.

G2 Precision Winding has been used with Sufix Duraflex. It eliminates the line memory and prevents line-weakening cutting and nicking that can occur during the spooling process.

Color Options: Clear, Lo-vis Green, Aqua Blue.

- Ultra-premium monofilament line.
- Nearly zero memory thanks to G2 Precision Winding.
- Nano Resin™ formula
- Easy to handle, long casting.

DuraFlex / دورا فلكس
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