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Sonic Braid / سونيك برايد

THE SUPERLINE THAT HAS IT ALL The only superline featuring GlideCoat™ technology, which produces a fast casting, super smooth, quiet and wear resistant braided line. GlideCoat treatment also holds color better than other superlines. Stren Sonic Braid is made with the highest strength Dyneema® polyethylene (PE) fiber construction - stronger than steel. The round, full-bodied construction resists wind-knots and other handling problems found in ordinary braids. With unmatched knot strength for dependability.

- Dyneema® PE fibers are stronger than steel with amazing durability.
- Super-smooth, fast casting GlideCoat™ treatment lasts longer, holds color better
- Round, full-bodied construction resists wind- knots.
- Excellent knot strength for dependability.

Sonic Braid / سونيك برايد
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