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X-Rap® Magnum Xtreme

The shallow running X-Rap® Magnum® Xtreme trolls true at over 15 knots, allowing you to cover more water and trigger the speedsters of the deep. Sleek flat sides create a tight rolling action while the tail keel adds stability at all speeds. Troll the X-Rap® Magnum® Xtreme fast or slow through reef terrain or around rocky outcrops, amongst skirted lures or other Rapala lures in your spread. Designed with Rapala’s Magnum level of strength, each X-Rap® Magnum® Xtreme comes complete with through-wire construction, heavy duty split rings and VMC 9626 3x strong treble hooks.

- High-Speed Trolling Design.
-Shallow Diving Lip.
- Magnum Durability.
- Textured Translucent Body.
- Internal Holographic Foil.
- X-Rap® Finish.
- Stabilizing Tail Keel.
- 3D Holographic Eye.
- VMC® 3X Strong Perma Steel Hooks.
- 3X Split Rings.

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