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JigLine Takumi / جيق لاين تاكومي

A PE line that uses ultra high-strength HPPE fiber. SUPER PE, which is produced from Momoi’s braiding technology that is among the world’s finest, made this PE line which proudly presents the world’s #1 roundness and abrasion resistance. With specially developed hard processing it has moderate body and high durability that does not wear out from repeated casting. A 5-color version suitable for jigging and casting is available from the color variation.

Material: SUPER PE
Processing: Special Developed Hard Processing
Color: Moss Green, Red, Multi-Color (10mtr x 5colors with white marking at every 1mtr)
Make-up: 100mtr, 125mtr, 130mtr, 150mtr, 200mtr, 300mtr, 500mtr, 900mtr spool

JigLine Takumi / جيق لاين تاكومي
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