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JigLine Mx8 Pro / جيق لاين ام اكس 8 برو

JigLine MX8 Pro has been released with a professional specification that improves JigLine MX8’s famous toughness. It fulfills the suitable tension and high operability at the same time with MX8 braiding technology which evolves the maximum potential of ultra-strong PE fiber. Also JigLine MX8 Pro has high durability which can resist the long-time jerking guide abrasion by Momoi’s new triple silicon coating technology. JigLine MX8 Pro is a completely new PE line specialized for jigging and gains the satisfaction and trust of all anglers.

Material: SUPER PE
Processing: Special Triple Processing
Color: Multi-Color(10mtr x 5colors)
Make-up: 200mtr, 300mtr, 600mtr spool

JigLine Mx8 Pro / جيق لاين ام اكس 8 برو
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