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Yamalube Lubricants for Outboards developed to provide the best performance  for your Yamaha Outboards Motor, and at the same time, Yamaha Lubricants provides optimum protection to your investation.

All variant of Yamalube Lubricants for Outboards, developed specificaly for Yamaha Outboards. Yamaha Enginers have consider all aspect of situation and environment which is faced by your Yamaha Outboards Motors.

All components in Yamalube Lubricants for Yamaha Outboards has pass various testing and tight quality control (from base oil, additives, anti corrosion) to reach optimum lubrication performance, created only for Yamaha Outboards.

By always using Yamaha Genuine Lubricants for Yamaha Outboards, you engine component cleanliness would improve and prevent the formation of dirt in engine. The strong Anti Oxidan in Yamaha Lubricants, will always protect and maintain the cleanliness of your Yamaha Outboards.

2 Stroke Lubricants

  • Yamalube 2 Stroke Lubricants is the best quality lubricants specifically created for Yamaha Outboards.

  • Yamalube 2 Stroke Lubricants provided with the precise viscosity to ensure fluid stability in constant changing temperature.

  • Yamalube 2 Stroke Lubricants provide the perfect protection from usage wear for piston and piston rings.

4 Stroke Lubricants

  • Yamalube 4 Stroke  (10W-40, API SJ) are pure lubricants enriched with superior formula to increase machine efficiency, provides maximum lubrication and anti-corrosive for your Yamaha Outboards.

  • Anti-wear additive in Yamalube 4 Stroke helps to protect important parts of your Outboards Engine, and keep engine cleanliness optimum.

  • Ensure optimum Outboards engine performance and long durability

Yamalube Gear Oil 

  • Yamalube SAE90 GL-4 Outboard Engine Gear Oil is recommended for all Yamaha Outboards.

  • This lubricant has a strong movement and superior adhesive characteristic which would provide optimum protections for Gears and other components.

  • A premium Gear Lubricants specifically created for Yamaha Outboards Gear Case.

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