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Morethan Lazy BB 75S-HD

The Daiwa Morethan Lazy Blue Backer (BB) 75S-HD is a compact profiled, heavy duty, densely weighted, 16.5grams, 75mm, sinking pencil bait fishing lure that is designed for distance casting, sub-surface action.

The lure comes equipped with two tungsten fixed balancers that makes it possible to cast 60-70m.

Built to withstand abuse, the Lazy Blue Backer, comes with a through-wire construction, making all lug points super strong, to take on the largest of predators.

Available in:
BluePink - ChartBackPearl - ClearShirasu -DayReaction - Gaiyou Katakuchi - NablaClear - OrangeBelly - SG PinkCandy.

 Morethan Lazy BB 75S-HD
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