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Puima Evolution

Made with crystal clear silicone rubber, the mask is known to provide a wide field of vision with a brilliant downward field of view. It also has a double feathered edge seal skirt which offers the very best in comfort. Available in four color choices - blue, clear, yellow, black - the mask comes with a hard plastic protective mask box along with having a one year limited warranty.

Crystal Clear silicone (silicone High Seal for Dark version).
This material offers a level of transparency that has never been seen before in the production of scuba diving masks.
Exceptional resistance to ageing and yellowing
Buckles tilt sideways
The strap can be adjusted quickly and precisely, even when wearing thick protective gloves.
The internal volume of the Piuma is sensibly reduced.
Who it is for:

Piuma, thanks to its wide field of vision, exceptional transparency and comfortable skirt, is the perfect mask for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The minimum internal volume allows it to be used for free diving too.

Puima Evolution
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