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Eyes Evolution Crystal

Not only has this new Cressi Crystal Silicone been chosen, with its exceptional softness and comfort, but the entire design of the skirt has followed new rules which allow a point of contact between the mask and the face that has a very open angle.

The mask rests on the face with unprecedented comfort and does not leave any marks on the skin, even after extended use.

Naturally, to obtain such a result the entire structure of the skirt is differentiated, with internal ribs that stiffen the parts of the mask that are most stressed.

The raked lenses(Cressi patent), are quite small and are brought as close to the pupils as possible, so that the already extraordinary visibility of the Matrix is increased by 25%.

Skirt in Cressi Crystal Silicone.
Special structure of the skirt has differentiated rigidity.
Very narrow headband in three materials, invisible when the mask is worn.
Instantly adjustable buckles that are joined to the headband with an indestructible elastic element.
Downward visibility is increased by 25% compared to the Matrix.
Minimum internal volume.

Eyes Evolution Crystal
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