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The mask that completely revolutionized the sector because it introduced new and exclusive principles that are likewise milestones.

For the first time in the world, the lenses are not parallel to the face but are raked and shaped like an “inverted drop”, with a very unusual development, the geometry of which is covered by a worldwide patent.

The anatomically shaped frame is a very slim line and is invisible when the mask is being worn. It provides all-round visibility, particularly downwards, reaching unheard of values - in excess of 30% wider view over traditional masks, bringing dressing and equipment check to levels that were impossible until the arrival of Big Eyes.

Type: two lens mask
Versions: clear silicone
Materials: liquid silicone, hi-tech polymers
Strap buckles: revolving, instant adjustment
Internal volume: low
Dimensions of frame: 163 x 89 mm
Weight: 200 g

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