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aster Frog is the most technical Cressidiving fin, which achieves better performance in compromised situations (currents, etc.) and which allows to maintain a higher feed rate with a very contained effort. This fin is based on the principles of construction and materials of the freediving and underwater fishing fins, in particular the concept that began when developing the prestigious Gara 2000. It is the preferred fin of instructors, professionals and technical divers, who find in it an unprecedented propulsive instrument in any condition. Manufactured in three different materials fused into a single process (patented by Cressi).

Each is applied to different areas of the fin according to its requirements in terms of flexibility, hardness, reaction or resistance. In this way, each zone can be assigned the ideal dynamic characteristic required, without the need to increase thicknesses, achieving maximum lightness and inertia savings:

Flexible elastomer -thermo-fast- Shore 50o (grey): applies to areas that require flexibility and elasticity (calzante toe, sole interior and instep area in contact with the ankle) as they influence the comfort of the diver.
Shore 90o Compact Elastomer (black): flexible but not elastic. It applies to areas that require a gummy composition, non-slip but firm and high strength such as longitudinal nerves, the sole of the calzante and the support band of the foot (located in the middle area of the instep). This material connects the critical point of energy transmission (the instep) with the nerves in a single piece, avoiding the usual loss of energy through overly flexible compounds of the heat (heavy flutter, slow and fatigue the instep).
Polypropylene: a material inherited from apnea that has as its main characteristic the very rapid transmission of applied energy. Applies to the shovel and inner area of the sole sandwich. It is very nervous and reactive and facilitates a very agile flutter and dizzying advance. It has a stress-performance ratio that is significantly higher than rubber (natural or thermoplastic), polyurethane, E.V.A. and only exceeded by carbon. It also has a high resistance to breakage to the point that Cressi guarantees it for life for sports use.

- Warm with three different volumes, with the central area narrowed so that the foot stays firmly fixed inside and the transmission of the foot-calzante-pala stress is direct and precise.

- Heat integrated at medium height in the shovel. Improves fin hydrodynamics and optimizes both positive and negative flapping.

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