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START / ستارت

START a new simple, durable and efficient jacket designed around the needs of dive centers and professional businesses which require an affordable, reliable, highly durable product.

- The air bladder combines Cordura© 1000 Deniers on the outside, pockets and shoulder pads and 500 Deniers on the inside.
- The pressure gauge and octopus anchoring systems are integrated, which is especially useful for dive centers.
- Large capacity pockets with large handle zippers and Velcro.
- Waist strap independent of the air bladder to prevent constriction when inflated.
- Chest strap.
- Very light and durable semi-rigid backpack.
- Size shown on right shoulder pad.
- Shoulder pad cover open at the bottom for doubled octopus hose insertion.
- Direct System with dual air filtration and easy disassembly for emergency cleaning.
- Extraordinary size/buoyancy ratio thanks to the new design and the spacers installed inside the air bladder: XS 13.3Kg S 14.3Kg M 15.3Kg L 17.3Kg XL 20.4Kg.

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